Clerks of the District Courts Summer Conference – June 2019

Clerks of the District Courts Summer Conference – June 2019

Monday, June 24, 2019
Wendy Wussow
Paula Crouse
Sheryl Connolly

Recently, the Clerks of the District Courts gathered for a Summer Conference in downtown Lincoln. Approximately 65 attendees participated in this two-day event.

The first day’s events started with representatives from the State Patrol Criminal ID Division presenting on maintaining quality criminal history records. Deann Haeffner from the Auditor’s Office shared detailed information about the auditing process. IT Applications Supervisor, Paula Crouse, informed the group about DMV Abstracts. The Deputy Administrator for IT, Jennifer Rasmussen, presented on the benefits of using the PDAF/A format. JUSTICE Business Analyst, Mike Prochnow, provided some helpful tips to use JUSTICE more efficiently. The day ended with the clerks touring the Supreme Court and Clerks Office at the State Capitol building.

The second day’s presentations included Mickey Baum-Dietz from the Department of Corrections Services sharing updates from NDCS-Records Administration. Janet Bancroft, Sheryl Connelly, and Christina Werner discussed various topics concerning Trial Court Services. The remainder of the day was dedicated to discussing JUSTICE topics. Sue Nieto, IT Application Specialist, presented updates on the Protection Order Clean-up Bill and the new Emancipation forms. IT Application Specialist, Laurayne Hall, led an interactive presentation examining the issues of financial balancing and reports. The day ended with an update from Judicial Branch Education trainers, Melissa Ireland and Greg Sunderman, informing on upcoming live trainings and new online courses available.


Photos: Supreme Court Clerk, Wendy Wussow, guides Clerks of the District Court through the Supreme Court offices and courtroom during Summer Conference tour; JUSTICE Business Analyst Supervisor, Paula Crouse, leads a presentation on electronic records to DMV; Trial Courts Services Director, Sheryl Connolly, shares “Tidbits” regarding Trial Courts Services with the assistance of Public Information Officer, Janet Bancroft, and Forms Coordinator, Christina Werner.