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The following articles are related to Nebraska juvenile court issues:

The Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC) is a uniform statutory agreement among all 50 states that governs the legal and administrative procedures for the interstate placement of children with a relative or non-agency guardian.

In 2008, state Court Improvement Projects were required to conduct an assessment of the role, responsibilities and effectiveness of their...Read more

Since the Through the Eyes of the Child Initiative was created in 2006, particular attention has been paid to alternative dispute resolution (ADR), or mediation and facilitation, practices within the context of the abuse/neglect court system. As the best interests of the child are of primary concern, mediation and facilitation practices have been shown to be particularly useful in placing the...Read more

As part of the Juvenile Justice Home-Based Initiative, a Developmental Evaluation (Evaluation) was carried out by TerraLuna Collaborative. The Evaluation’s purposes were to: 1) describe how the Initiative fits into the larger picture of reform, and 2) identify what system changes are needed to make the grant a successful endeavor.

...Read more

From the Nebraska Supreme Court:

Georgetown University’s Center for Juvenile Justice Reform has developed a model that describes the specific practices that need to be in place within a jurisdiction in order to reduce the number of youth who “crossover” between the child welfare and juvenile justice systems.  The Crossover Youth Practice Model (CYPM) infuses values and standards;...Read more

Each year, over 300,000 young people are detained in juvenile facilities in the United States.  The typical stay is brief - about 20 days - but even short stays can negatively impact the outcomes of that youth.  Numerous studies conducted over the years show that detention disrupts schooling, impacts mental health, increases the likelihood of formal charges, and decreases outcomes...Read more

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