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Completion of Basic Mediation Course

If you have recently attended a Basic Mediation Training and have questions about becoming an approved mediator, the Office of Dispute Resolution does not have an approval process for general mediation. If you want to become involved in mediation of non-Parenting Act cases, you may contact the Nebraska ODR-approved mediation center in your area to get more information regarding becoming involved. 

If you intend to mediate cases under the Nebraska Parenting Act, an additional Family Mediation Training is required and there is an approval process to be recognized by the Office of Dispute Resolution as a Parenting Act mediator. 

A Common question and request occurs when a mediator wants to take the Family Mediation Training and has recieved training in Basic Mediation in another state or through a provider that does not provide an ODR pre-approved basic training. In those instances, the Office of Dispute Resolution can assess the completed training to determine if it reaches an equivalency of those trainings that are pre-approved, so that an mediator can register for the Family Mediation Training without completing the ODR pre-approved Basic Mediation Training. 


This page was last modified on Thursday, October 31, 2013