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Ensign v. BNSF Railway Company

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

A-13-0112, Randy Ensign (Appellant) v. BNSF Railway Company

District Court for Box Butte County, District Judge Travis P. O’Gorman

Attorneys for Appellant:  Andrew W. Snyder (Chaloupka Holyoke Law Firm) & Roger C. Denton & Elizabeth Wilkins (Schlichter Bogard Law Firm)

Attorneys for Appellee:  Nochole S. Bogen & Thomas C. Sattler (Sattler & Bogen)

Civil Action:  Action under the Federal Employers’ Liability Act

Action taken by the Trial Court:  The trial court granted BNSF’s motion for directed verdict at the close of Ensign’s case.

Assignments of Error on Appeal, Restated:  Did the trial court not err in granting BNSF’s motion for directed verdict?

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