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Custody Research Study Released by Nebraska Administrative Office of the Courts

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Office of the State Court Administrator has released the Nebraska 2002-2012 Custody Court File Research Study, an examination of nearly 400 court files of divorce and separation over the ten year period.  The two-fold purpose of the Study is to provide the Legislature, Judicial Branch, and the public with a factual report of custody, parenting time, and related court determinations and to provide a preliminary assessment of the 2007 Parenting Act. 

The Report includes:

  • Whether mothers and fathers had lawyers; how many children were involved; rates of high inter-parental conflict; and parental income
  • The rates of joint or sole custody;
  • Average amounts of parenting time given to non-custodial parents during the school year and in the summer
  • In cases where domestic violence or high inter-parental conflict was identified, there are more incidences of sole custody, rather than joint custody.
  • Results of the effectiveness of the 2007 Parenting Act revisions

As noted in the report, this marks the first time that such a custody and parenting case file analysis has been done in Nebraska. The effort provides an important baseline for the National Center for State Courts to conduct its 2014 comprehensive program and outcome research. The National Center’s key question is whether the Parenting Act’s provisions are resulting in positive outcomes for children.   

Read the full report:  Nebraska 2002-2012 Custody Court File Research Study, December 31, 2013

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