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State ex rel. Counsel/Discipline v. Sundvold

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

S-13-0002, State ex rel. Counsel for Discipline v. Thomas G. Sundvold

Original Proceeding

Attorneys: Clarence E. Mock (Johson & Mock) (for Respondent) --- Kent L. Frobish (Assistant Counsel for Discipline)

Civil: Attorney Discipline

Proceedings below: The referee found respondent had violated the Rules of Professional Conduct and his oath of office as an attorney. The recommendation was a 3 year suspension, with a 2 year supervision by a licensed attorney after reinstatement. Respondent filed exceptions to the referee’s recommended discipline.

Issues: The respondent takes exception with the following findings of the referee:

1. “The public needs to be protected from respondent engaging in the conduct found herein to be in violation of Nebraska Court Rules of Professional Conduct and in violation of the Oath of Office found herein in the future.” (Report of Referee, pg. 26).

2. “ The appropriate discipline is a 3 year suspension of respondent's license to practice law and that respondent be able to apply for reinstatement in accordance with the Nebraska Supreme Court Rules of Discipline, which application shall include a showing which demonstrates his fitness to practice law.” (Report of Referee, pg. 46).

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