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Conagra Foods, Inc. v. Zimmerman

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

S-13-0375, ConAgra Foods, Inc., (Appellant) v. Ryan J. Zimmerman

Douglas County, Judge James T. Gleason

Attorneys: Heidi A. Guttau-Fox (Baird Holm LLP) (Appellant) --- Michael J. Wilson (Schaefer Shapiro LLP)

Civil: Injunctive relief

Proceedings below: The trial court dissolved the temporary injunction previously entered against Appellee and denied Appellant’s Complaint seeking a permanent injunction barring Zimmerman from the ConAgra property after he fired a weapon on ConAgra property. Appellant ConAgra filed a Petition to Bypass the Court of Appeals which was granted by the Nebraska Supreme Court.

Issues: The district court erred in (1) sustaining Appellee’s objections to certain Exhibits offered into evidence by ConAgra; (2) holding that Appellee’s trespass was insufficient for the imposition of injunctive relief; (3) denying Appellant a permanent injunction.

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