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Juvenile Funding

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The Juvenile Services Division facilitates meaningful opportunities for juveniles within the juvenile justice system to be rehabilitated. Providing beneficial, targeted services to juveniles on probation promotes behavior change and rehabilitation. It allows for the juvenile’s needs to be met in the least intrusive, least restrictive manner; while maintaining the safety of the juvenile and the community. To promote parental responsibility and to provide for the most equitable use and availability of public money the court may assess the cost of placement, treatment, or detention in whole or in part to the parent(s) of the juvenile. For necessary treatment services that are ordered by the court, probation will consider parental funds, private or public insurance, entitlements, grants, etc. prior to the authorization of state appropriated monies.

Pre-planning and Applying for Medicaid and Magellan Financial Assistance


John W. Danforth
Funding Specialist
Office of Probation Administration
521 South 14th
Lincoln, NE 68508
Phone: (402) 471-4816
Email: john.danforth@nebraska.gov

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