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Juvenile Placement

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Intake & Detention Alternatives


Under Nebraska statute, Probation could have oversight of a youth in an out of home placement at the following points:

    • Pre-adjudication (link to Amy’s page, which is brand new)

    • Post adjudication (link to Amy’s page, which is brand new)

    • Disposition

    • Reentry https://supremecourt.nebraska.gov/8963/re-entry


      Placement in a variety of out of home settings for care and treatment is an option for youth depending on their risk and need. These temporary placement options range from detention facilities, state-licensed shelters, group or foster homes, residential treatment centers, youth rehabilitation and treatment centers, etc. 


      Research has demonstrated that congregant care does not produce good outcomes for youth and in many cases increases recidivism.  Evidence shows youth are most successful in their communities with a plan for formal and informal services and support.   The goal of Nebraska’s juvenile justice system and probation is to exhaust all appropriate community based options before sending a youth to an out of home placement.  If a youth does have to access an out of home placement, that placement should be appropriately matched to the youths risk/need and should be as close to home as possible to ensure maximum family engagement.


      The Office of Probation Administration has two Directors of Placement in the Juvenile Division. Each director is responsible for directly supervising and coordinating with Juvenile Program Specialists. The Director of Placement- Juvenile Court Services oversees the Intake and Detention Alternatives Specialist and the Investigation and Evaluation Specialist. Focus is placed on the first two pillars of the Juvenile Justice System. The Director of Placement in Juvenile Supervision oversees the Case Management and Services Specialist and the Reentry Specialist. This director focuses on the principles and practices within the last two pillars of the Juvenile Justice System. While neither of these positions are exclusive to the other, they are integral for the mission of juvenile probation in reducing recidivism, changing behavior, making communities safer and instilling evidence-based decision making.



Jim Bennet
Director of Placement
Juvenile Supervision Services
521 South 14th
Lincoln, NE 68508
Email: jim.bennett@nebraska.gov
Phone: (402) 471-4856


Monica Miles-Steffens
Director of Placement
Juvenile Supervision Services
521 South 14th
Lincoln, NE 68508
Email: monica.miles-steffens@nebraska.gov
Phone: (402) 471-4167


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