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Juvenile Reentry

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 Many of the out of home placements that youth will return from are treatment orientated.  Studies suggest that youth engagement is correlated with better treatment outcomes, and that youth and family engagement predicts treatment retention and success.  Youth and families who actively engage in treatment tend to develop strong relationships with service providers, express a willingness to change, and participate and collaborate with others in the context of treatment.  This type of engagement for both youth and families is essential to successful reentry and a core philosophy of the Nebraska Probation Administration. 


    • Prepare out-of-home placed youth for reentry into specific families and communities to which they will return

    • Establish the necessary arrangement and linkages with the full range of public and private sector departments/organizations and individuals in the community that can address known risk and protective factors

    • Ensure the delivery of prescribed service and supervision in the community

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Mark Mason
Reentry Program Specialist
Office of Probation Administration
521 South 14th
Lincoln, NE 68508
Phone: (402) 471-4817

402-314-6660 cell
Email:  mark.mason@nebraska.gov

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