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Juvenile Services

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The Juvenile Services Division is responsible for statewide administration of intake and detention alternatives, investigations, assessments and evaluations, case management/supervision and services, placement, reentry, and funding for juveniles. In addition to the Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative, the Juvenile Services Division is also accountable for statewide leadership, support and oversight as it relates to the Crossover Youth Practice Model.

Legislative Bill 561 (Overview - PDF), passed in May of 2013, charged the Nebraska Juvenile Probation System to treat and rehabilitate court involved youth as opposed to punishing them.  This charge will allow Nebraska to assess current gaps in the system and create a continuum of care which includes diversion services, mental health treatment and reentry programming that is evidence-based.

The goal of reforming juvenile probation in Nebraska is to prevent juveniles from returning to the juvenile justice system or entering the criminal justice system by:
• Engaging juveniles and their families in the juvenile court process;
• Eliminating barriers to accessing effective treatment and services; and
• Partnering with educational and community stakeholders.

Under this system reform, the Nebraska Juvenile Probation System strives to provide a balanced approached to justice. While juvenile probation officers still have a primary responsibility to hold youth accountable, enforce orders of the court, and ensure public safety the punitive aspect is diminished. Probation officers also have a primary responsibility to facilitate youth rehabilitation. In coordination with judicial support, Nebraska juvenile probation is devoted to the successful futures of juveniles and their families. Families are empowered to be a part of the decision making process, which greatly aids the success of youth. Juveniles access necessary services, without barriers at all stages of the court process. This includes financial resources for services, both treatment and non-treatment.

Juvenile Services Division Contacts:

Jeanne Brandner was selected to fill the position of Deputy Probation Administrator of the Juvenile Services Division in the Office of Probation Administration  July 1, 2014.  As Nebraska Probation’s Juvenile Division Assistant Deputy Administrator, Jeanne Brandner’s leadership skills have been extremely beneficial as the Juvenile Probation system expanded to accommodate working with Nebraska’s  juvenile justice youth.  Her expertise and experience in the juvenile justice field in Arizona and on a national level have been invaluable to Probation’s implementation of LB 561 and LB 464.

Jeanne is a graduate of Wayne State College and Bellevue University where she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and a Master’s Degree in Human Services respectively. 


Jeanne K. Brandner
Deputy Administrator
Office of Probation Administration
521 South 14th
Lincoln, NE 68508
Phone: (402) 471-4816


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