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Corey Steel, Deputy Administrator

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Corey Steel fills the position of Deputy Administrator for the Nebraska Office of Probation Administration in charge of the Juvenile Services Division. He has been with Office of Probation Administration for the State of Nebraska since October 2007. Some of his duties with Probation Administration include implementation of Probation Administration’s Evidence based Practices, juvenile justice priorities, collaboration with the Nebraska’s Department of Health and Human Services to facilitate access to services, oversight of the Juvenile Service Delivery, oversight of Nebraska’s state wide JDAI initiative, implementation of the Cross Over Youth Practice Model, development and recommend innovative strategies concerning access to services, disposition options and probation practices, related to Juvenile and Restorative Justice and develops, implements and evaluates policy and programming concerning support services for Juveniles.

Corey came to the administrative office from Lincoln/Lancaster County, Nebraska where he has served for 8 years as the Juvenile Justice Coordinator. His major priorities with Lancaster County were to track all juvenile community based services in Lincoln/Lancaster County Nebraska, and implement new evidence based juvenile services in the community, and developing the Juvenile Justice Graduated Sanctions Program for juveniles involved in Juvenile Court. Prior to this position; he had been employed as a juvenile probation officer and intensive supervision probation officer for the Juvenile Probation District in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Corey is active on a number of community, state and national boards which included National Juvenile Court Services Association (NJCSA), serving as president of the Board of Directors for Cornhusker Place Substance Abuse Services, Inc.; president of the Nebraska Juvenile Justice Association (NJJA); and past chair of the Juvenile Justice Review Committee of Lincoln/Lancaster County Nebraska.

In addition to having a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and a master’s degree in Business Management, Corey serves as an adjunct professor for Southeast Community College teaching Juvenile Justice, Intro to Criminal Justice and Intro to Sociology.

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