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Interstate Compact Administration

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Interstate Compact for Adults
Interstate Compact for Juveniles
Interdistrict Transfers

Interstate Compact for Adults: www.interstatecompact.org
The Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervision (ICAOS) was federally enacted in 2002 and established a national governing body with rule-making authority and the ability to enforce compliance. The Compact was developed to control offender movement by guiding the transfer of offenders in a manner that promotes effective tracking and supervision strategies consistent with public safety, offender accountability and victim’s rights. The compact office is responsible for processing and reviewing compact activity, training, resolving issues with states, ensuring compliance with compact rules and development of internal, statewide standards to ensure rule compliance. All compact member states are liable for following and enforcing the rules of the compact as written. Read more

Interstate Compact for Juveniles: www.juvenilecompact.org
The Interstate Commission for Juveniles (ICJ) was federally enacted in 2008 and, similar to the adult compact, established a national governing body with rule-making authority and the ability to enforce compliance. The Interstate Compact for Juveniles is responsible for transferring supervision of juveniles on probation and parole who wish to relocate to other states. The compact also assists with the safe return of runaways, escapees and absconders. The juvenile compact’s mission is to preserve child welfare and promote public safety interests of citizens, including victims, by enhancing accountability, visibility and communication. The compact office is responsible for assisting with a formal return process for out-of-state runaways, ensuring rule compliance, working with other states to resolve issues and developing internal policy to comply with the rules. Similar to the adult compact, the rules shall be followed as written and the rules supersede state laws that conflict with them.

Interdistrict Transfers:
In 2010, the Compact Office implemented internal statewide standards for Interdistrict Transfers. This includes all transfers of adult and juvenile probationers within the state of Nebraska. The standards promote public safety, best interest for the probationer’s success and that transferring will increase or maintain compliance with the probationer’s case management. The standards were created to provide for a seamless transfer process for probationers relocating within Nebraska to ensure communication between probation districts and immediate notification upon initiating a transfer.


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