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Office of Public Guardian

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The Office of Public Guardian is designed to serve as the guardian or conservator for an individual when no other alternative is available.

In addition to providing the means of last resort as guardians or conservators for those situations where no family member or suitable individual is available, the Office of Public Guardian provides education, training, and support for volunteer and family guardians and conservators, and recruits individuals to serve as guardians and conservators for Nebraska’s vulnerable individuals. 

The work of the Office of Public Guardian is guided by the Advisory Council on Public Guardianship. Work was begun on January 1, 2015, to develop the processes, guidelines, plans and personnel policies to implement the Public Guardianship Act.  The goal is to have the Office of Public Guardian available for appointments of associate public guardians by late summer 2015.

Public Guardianship Act

The Office of Public Guardian was established by the Nebraska Legislature in 2014.  The responsibilities of the Office and Advisory Council are set out in Nebr. Rev. Stat. Sections 30-4101 to 30-4118.



Michelle Chaffee, Director
Office of the Public Guardian
1445 K Street/P.O. Box 98910
Lincoln, NE 68509



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