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Lexington Judge James Doyle Recipient of Supreme Court’s Highest Honor: Distinguished Judge for Service to the Community Award

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Monday, October 25, 2010

District Court Judge James E. Doyle, IV, of the Eleventh Judicial District was awarded the 2010 Distinguished Judge for  Service to the Community Award on Thursday, October 21, 2010, during the Nebraska Supreme Court’s annual judicial  dinner. The award, presented by Chief Justice Mike Heavican, is the highest honor given by the Nebraska Supreme Court recognizing members of the judiciary for meritorious projects and exemplary accomplishments that enhance the vision of  justice within Nebraska communities.

Judge Doyle is the current Chairman of the Nebraska Supreme Court Committee on Problem-Solving Courts  where he provides direction and structure to a statewide committee of judges, lawyers and individuals involved  with drug and other problem solving courts, which he has led since February 2008.   Judge Doyle balances his  drug court committee work with his service on the Case Management Committee for Nebraska Trial Courts and  the Nebraska Supreme Court Automation Advisory Committee.  

Through his efforts, Judge Doyle has garnered strong support of the drug court system within his judicial  district.  His local drug court continues to expand and demonstrate their good work.  The 11th Judicial District  is presently planning to institute a juvenile drug court to complement its existing program.  

Additionally, Judge Doyle has made it his personal mission to bring education to the community of Lexington  and surrounding areas.  This past July, Judge Doyle utilized grant funds from the Bureau of Justice Assistance  to host a nationally recognized training conducted by the National Drug Court Institute and National  Association of Drug Court Professionals.  The funds were originally intended to sponsor a few drug court  representatives on an educational trip out-of-state, but Judge Doyle, along with the Midwest Nebraska Adult  Drug Court team requested that the money be used to hold a meeting in Nebraska where more drug court professionals would be able to participate.   This past July a statewide conference was held in Lexington  attended by approximately 95% of the problem-solving courts in the state. Many of the program elements were  given a ‘personal touch’ at the insistence of Judge Doyle including a dinner that was prepared by drug court  team members for all attendees.

Judge Doyle also volunteers on several Nebraska District Judges Association committees and participates in local  community activities through his church, Boy Scouts, and the public library.

James E. Doyle, IV, Dawson County District Court
Lexington, NE 68850

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