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Ellen Fabian Brokofsky, State Probation Administrator, addressed the new probation officers and their guests with the following remarks:

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This year is quite unique in Nebraska Probation as this is the first of two swearing-in ceremonies that will be held this year. The reason for two ceremonies is due to the Legislature’s decision last year to entrust the Office of Probation Administration to supervise all youth in Nebraska’s juvenile justice system. Many of the new officers being sworn in today may have worked previously for state or local youth-serving organizations. We welcome you to your new home in the judicial branch and trust that each of you will embrace and honor your duties as a Nebraska State Probation Officer that you swear to uphold today.

This is a proud moment for all of us; for our new officers and for all of you who worked so hard to support them in this achievement.
Probation officers play an integral role in the administration of justice. Probation Officers are officers of the court and the right arm of our court system. They provide to the court two important services: investigations and supervision. Statutorily, probation officers are required to investigate and supervise individuals whom the courts have conditionally released to the community on probation.

Probation officers provide information to the court in regard to the risk an individual may pose to public safety as well as what programs or services may prevent the individual from committing further crime. Working toward ensuring compliance of the court’s order, probation officers utilize proven methods of risk reduction that provide a balance of accountability-based supervision and rehabilitation services.

As Probation Officers, we are committed to demonstrating the highest standards of personal and professional integrity by practicing honesty in all matters, respecting the dignity and individuality of human beings, and providing professional and compassionate service. We are resolved to conduct ourselves in a professional manner, so as to avoid the appearance of impropriety and to increase the public trust and confidence in the Nebraska Probation System. Today we recognize and salute these new officers for the work they will do for Nebraska’s courts and citizens.

Congratulations to 82 new Probation Officers for completing the necessary training and meeting the requirements essential to fulfill the duties of a Nebraska State Probation Officer.

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