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Nebraska Association of County Officials Presented Award from Nebraska Judicial Branch

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Friday, May 25, 2012


Lincoln -- Larry Dix, Executive Director of the Nebraska Association of County Officials (NACO), was presented with an award of recognition by the Nebraska Chief Justice during the state judges’ leadership meeting on May 21, 2012 in Lincoln.  Chief Justice Mike Heavican invited Mr. Dix to the Annual Judicial Branch Leadership Meeting as a guest speaker to discuss core government-to-government recommendations for county governments and courts as part of NACO’s 2020 County Government Officials Board of Directors report.  Dix discussed the elements of NACO’s 2020 plan including county inter-local agreements, use of shared county and state technology and county funding of courtrooms and offices. 
The Nebraska Judicial Branch extended their thanks and recognition to the Nebraska Association of County Officials and county governments for their essential contributions to the delivery of justice to all citizens throughout the State of Nebraska, including ongoing support and funding of district courts and county courts throughout the state.  
Over the past few years, the Nebraska trial court system has made enormous progress adapting to new technology for use with Nebraska Courts.  All 93 district courts and county courts now provide electronic payments, electronic filing of court cases, online court case searches and improved service 24-hours a day.  The Judicial Branch credits county governments with the quick, effective installation of equipment necessary to make those successes possible. Courts and judges have embraced the use of technology to improve court services to citizens across the state.  
Chief Justice Mike Heavican noted, “As the Judicial Branch heads into the future, it will be essential that we strive to enhance the coordination of the Branch with the Nebraska Association of County Officials and county governments. This partnership of human resources, building infrastructure, and technology is key to ensuring that individual citizens and communities access justice effectively and efficiently so as to improve the lives and safety of all Nebraskans.”

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