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Brown, James

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I am a Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner and a Certified Professional Counselor.  I have worked in the field of individual, marriage and family counseling for 34 years.  I have worked with couples who were hostile, severely abusive and/or dangerous towards each other.  I utilized communication, conflict resolution and problem solving skills to help them.  I have a Masters Degree in Psychology, a second Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, and specialized training in Marriage and Family Therapy.  I began my formal career as a mediator in 2005 by taking Basic Mediationtraining.  I have also taken Advanced Basic Mediation; Family Mediation; Advanced Family Mediation;Advanced Federal Practice MediationSpecialized Alternative Dispute Resolution (SADR) mediation;Domestic Violence Prevention; Child Support Calculation and numerous other training workshops. I am an approved mediator under the Nebraska Parenting Act and (SADR) mediations. I have supervised apprentice mediators at The Mediation Center.  I have experience coaching basic mediation training class practice sessions.  I have coached the UNL College of Law mediation classes.  I have served as a judge for the American Bar Association student Client Counseling Competition at UNL.  I have well over 75 hours of mediation experience and thousands of hours of conflict resolution and problem solving experience with couples.  I have done civil, employer/employee, Employment First, and Small Claims Court mediations.  I am a Contract Mediator with The Mediation Center in Lincoln.  Additionally, I conduct mediation out of my Private Practice here in Lincoln where I have daytime, evening and weekend appointment availability.

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