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Evans, Marleen

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I completed the Basic Mediation , Family Mediation, and Victim Offender Mediation Training in 1995 and 1996 and after that did many volunteer mediations in the Douglas County Small Claims Court and in Victim Offender situations. I have been on the Douglas County Conciliation Court's list of mediators ever since they began requiring parents to develop a Parenting Plan with the help of a mediator. I also have mediated some cases for the Concord Center and have had several private clients who sought my mediation services. I have been mediating continuously ever since I completed my training and have continued to read and take advantage of opportunities for continuing education. I attend meetings sponsored by the Concord Center and by the Conciliation Court on a regular basis.

Concord Mediation Center - Omaha
Douglas County District Court Conciliation and Mediation Services - Omaha

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