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Gabrielle-Madelung, Kathy

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Mediation is an amazing tool if both parties are willing to compromise, negotiate and work toward the greater good in resolving a conflict.  Though not always easy, mediation can be a more comfortable option to litigation.  Often, parties just need "an interpreter" and so I help my clients by interpreting one party to the other, say  mom to dad and dad to mom if you will and that is what opens the lines of communication.   My private practice focuses on providing a relaxed but direct approach to conflict resolution.  My focus is in family mediation including parent-child, sibling, divorce, custody and elder mediation. I also have  experience in orthopedics, rehab and geriatric nursing, was in the first NE Certification class for Recreational Therapy and works for many years in catering and wedding coordinating.  Many years ago, a bride I was working with told me "if you can mediate wedding plans between two mothers-in-law, you can mediate anything".  I think that is most likely true.

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