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Gordon, James

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Engaged in the practice of family law litigation since 1974, I received my first formal training in family law mediation in 1995.  Since that time, I have continued to seek and to obtain more than 80 different trainings in mediation, many of them focusing on family law and Parenting Act mediation.

As a Member of the Family Law Section and the ADR Section of the Nebraska Bar, as a Member of the Bar Association's Legislation Committee, and as the past Chair of the ODR Advisory Council, I have followed with interest the creation of the Parenting Act from its inception through its most recent amendments.

With this background, coupled with my work with The Mediation Center (both as an Affiliated Mediator and as President and Chair of the Board of Directors), I am able to mediate Parenting Act, Domestic Intimate Partner Abuse, and other high-conflict cases pursuant to the Specialized Alternative Dispute Resolution process, as well as other cases.

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