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Gale, Stephanie

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I absolutley love Mediating. Seeing parents work together to benefit their children, is a very fulfilling profession. I took Basic and Family Mediation Training in 2010. The previous year, I was trained in Parent Coordination. I have had extensive training in Domestic Violence, including training in The Duluth Model for Batter's Intervention, Principles of the Domestic Violence Coordinated Response, Domestic Violence – Strategies for Working with High Conflict Couples, Domestic Violence and Kids, The Effects of Trauma on Child Development and Adult Functioning, Juvenile Abuse/Neglect Training (Nebraska Children’s Summit/2009), Understanding and Assessing Child Sexual Abuse, Allegations of Sexual Abuse in Divorce & Child Cusotdy Cases, Child Abuse & Neglect 101, Effects of Chronic Neglect, Abuse and Toxic Stress on Child Development, Collaboration in Child Abuse Investigations, Therapists as Expert Witnesses, and Immigration Issues for Children in Juvenile Court.

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