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Supreme Court Commission on Guardianships and Conservatorships

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Origin/Authorization: Consultation Minutes of December 19, 2012

Terms: At the Pleasure of the Court.  No term limitations.

Purpose Statement: To engage in continuing analysis and study of statutes, court rules, and court procedures relating to guardianships and conservatorships; to examine the challenges these laws and procedures pose for court staff, the judiciary, the practicing bar, vulnerable adults and children and their legal guardians and conservators, and other professionals and service providers working with protected persons and wards; to propose solutions or improvements both within and without the judicial branch in response to such challenges; and to support the implementation of the recommendations of the Commission which the Nebraska Supreme Court approves.



Name, CityCompositionAppointment Date

Francie Riedmann, Gretna

Co-Chairperson, Court Appeals Judge12-19-12
Susan Bazis, OmahaCo-Chairperson, County Judge, 4th Judicial District12-19-12
Brad Ashford, OmahaState Senator, District 2012-19-12
Eve Brank, LincolnProfessor, UNL Law/Psych12-19-12
Becky Bruckner, LincolnJudicial Administration, 3rd Judicial District12-19-12
Cassidy Chapman, OmahaLawyer12-19-12
Penny Clark, LincolnManager, State Unit on Aging12-19-12
Colby Coash, LincolnState Senator, District 2712-19-12
Bruce Cudly, LincolnNE Developmental Disabilities Regions12-19-12
Marsha Fangmeyer, KearneyLawyer12-19-12
Joanne Farrell, LincolnAging Partners12-19-12
Donna Fink, HebronClerk Magistrate, 1st Judicial District12-19-12
Marla Fischer-Lempke, LincolnNebraska ARC12-19-12
Sue Fredricks, OmahaVolunteers Assisting Seniors12-19-12
Julie Hippen, LincolnNDHHS Adult Protective Services12-19-12
Todd Hutton, PapillionCounty Judge, 2nd Judicial District12-19-12
Sally Hytrek, OmahaLawyer12-19-12
Mark Intermill, LincolnAARP12-19-12
Julianna Jenkins, Broken BowLawyer12-19-12
Eileen Krumbach, YorkUNL Extension12-19-12
Janet Labenz, LincolnCPA12-19-12
Russ Leavitt, OmahaGuardian12-19-12
William Lindsay, OmahaLawyer12-19-12
J. Terry Macnamara, OmahaLawyer12-19-12
Tom Maul, ColumbusLawyer12-19-12
John McHenry, LincolnLawyer12-19-12
John Nelson, OmahaState Senator, District 612-19-12
Mary  Newman, OmahaOmaha Deputy Police Chief12-19-12
Holly Parsley, LincolnDeputy County Attorney12-19-12
Mike Piccolo, LincolnCounty Judge, 11th Judicial District12-19-12
Tami Schendt, Broken BowCounty Judge, 8th Judicial District12-19-12
Darla  Schiefelbein, ColumbusClerk Magistrate, 5th Judicial District12-19-12
Susan Spahn, OmahaLawyer12-19-12
Jerry Stilmock, SyracuseNebraska Bankers Association12-19-12
Donna Taylor, NelighCounty Judge, 7th Judicial District12-19-12
Carolyn Trujillo, North PlatteConservator; Senior Accountant12-19-12
John Wightman, LincolnState Senator, District 3612-19-12
Curtis Evans. York (ex-officio)County Judge, 5th Judicial District12-19-12
Janice Walker, Lincoln (ex-officio)State Court Administrator12-19-12


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