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Omaha Judge Gary Randall Appointed to National Task Force on Judicial Branch Funding

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February 8, 2012

Omaha Judge Gary Randall Appointed to National Task Force on Judicial Branch Funding

Douglas County District Court Judge Gary Randall has been appointed to the American Bar  Association (ABA) Task Force on Preservation of the Justice system. Randall is the only sitting  judge on the task force and represents state court judges throughout the U.S. Other members  include individuals from Washington, D.C. to Oakland, California; from the public and the private  sector.

The Justice System Task Force was established by ABA President Steve Zack in 2010 to study  the fiscal crisis facing state and local courts in the United States, including closing of courts and  personnel cuts, causing extensive court case delays. The task force's initial efforts focused on  raising awareness of the insufficient funding of the judicial branch of government. The  underfunding of the justice system is widely considered to be the most critical issue facing the  legal profession and the public in assuring the freedoms guaranteed by American society.

According to Judge Randall, "Court underfunding resulting from state budget crises threatens  citizens’ access to the Courts. Our task force is charged with finding innovative ways for Courts  to continue to effectively serve the public in this new environment.”  

The Justice System Task Force met during the ABA’s February meeting in New Orleans where  Judge Randall participated in the discussions. The focus of the meeting was to discuss the  continued threat that courts face from governmental underfunding and to identify possible  strategies for responding to that threat.  

In analyzing the work of the committee, Judge Randall remarked, “When the judiciary is  underfunded, the courts cannot provide the services the public deserves from the system. I'm  honored to be asked to be part of the solution to this problem.” Click here to view Judge Randall’s Judicial Profile.  If you would like a full resolution copy of the  photo in Judge Randall’s Judicial Profile, please email Janet Bancroft.

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