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It is not improper for an attorney to contract with a federal credit union to furnish legal services to its members under the following type of arrangement:

The credit union will announce to its members that any of them may call the credit union to obtain the attorney's name and telephone number in order to then call him to arrange a private appointment with him to discuss a legal matter. The attorney will charge $7.50 for a 15-minute consultation and $15.00 for a 30-minute consultation. Additionally, for a fee of $25.00 the attorney will agree to give a "general legal check-up" on such subjects requested by the member as a review of his present Will or a discussion concerning the need for one; the advisability of selecting a guardian for minor children whose parents are deceased; review and advice as to existing domestic relations support orders; review of the present method of holding title to real and personal property; review of present life insurance programs.

If, as the result of the above, the member feels the need for additional legal services to be performed in a particular area, he has the option to seek any other lawyer he wishes or to arrange with the attorney to perform the services on a fee basis to be agreed upon in advance.

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