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A Lawyer suspended from the practice of law may be employed or serve as a nonlawyer assistant or paralegal provided that such services are rendered under the supervision of a lawyer pursuant to NEB. CT. R. OF PROF. COND. § 3-505.3 and subject to the following limitations:

(a) All work must be of a preparatory nature only and reviewed by the supervising attorney; and,

(b) Any client who has contact with the suspended lawyer must be informed that the suspended lawyer is not authorized to practice law or to provide any form of legal advice and any legal issues or questions must be referred directly to the supervising attorney; and,

(c) Any contact with clients must occur on the business premises of the supervising attorney under his/her supervision; and,

(d) The suspended lawyer should not otherwise engage in activities which give the appearance of practicing law.


A Lawyer who has been suspended from the practice of law may appear in a representative capacity before a federal administrative tribunal or agency only to the extent specifically permitted by the tribunal or agency in writing.

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