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Community-Based Resource Electronic Reporting for Supervision

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Community-Based Resource Electronic Reporting for Supervision of low/very low adult/juvenile offenders

OffenderLink is an automated Interactive Voice Response telephone reporting and web based monitoring system designed to improve workload efficiencies and increase accountability for low/very low risk cases.

Offender calls in monthly to an automated telephone system to report any changes in addresses, phone numbers, employment or contact with law enforcement. This allows officers to hold those offenders more accountable.

OffenderLink improves officer efficiency and reduce workload while at the same time increases offender accountability for low/very low risk populations where an office visit is replaced by an automated telephone contract.

OffenderLink reduces workload for officers for low/very low offenders enabling officers to spend more time with the offenders that pose more of a risk to the community.

Proves 24/7 access to all case files and call reporting data. OffenderLink automatically monitors offender compliance with their conditions of supervision so officers can focus their attention on the non-compliant offenders without spending time on those satisfying their supervision conditions.

OffenderLink maintains all case notes and contact history. As well, it automatically calls offenders that are not in compliance to generate the highest level of compliance possible.


This page was last modified on Tuesday, March 19, 2013