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Minority Justice Committee

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The Nebraska Supreme Court and the Nebraska State Bar Association established the Minority and Justice Task Force in 2001 to identify actual or perceived racial/ethnic bias and discrimination in the Nebraska justice system and make recommendations to the Supreme Court on how to address any identified inequities. The major recommendation of the final report was to establish a standing committee to implement the Task Force's recommendations. The Nebraska Minority Justice Committee, consisting of a racially and ethnically diverse group of judges, lawyers, and community leaders was formed and continues to work on a number of initiatives.

Programming is guided by the Minority Justice Committee and Progress Reports are released on an annual basis.


Judy Beutler
1213 State Capitol
1445 K Street/P.O Box 98910
Lincoln, NE 68509


Liz Neeley, Ph.D.
635 S. 14th Street
P.O. Box 81809
Lincoln, NE  68508


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