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Interpreter Training and Testing Schedule

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Court Interpreter Orientation

Cost for Orientation is $100.  Scholarships based upon financial need may be considered for qualified Nebraska applicants who are required to travel more than 100 miles (one way) to attend Orientation.

  • None scheduled at this time.

Skills-Building Workshop

Cost for Skills-Building Workshop is $100.  Times are 9:00 a.m. -  4:00 p.m. each day.  Space is limited.

Oral Exam

Applicants for the oral exam for certification must have completed Court Interpreter Orientation and passed the written English comprehension exam in order to be eligible. Applicants are eligible to test once per calendar year. Exam is conducted in Lincoln and Omaha. 

Cost for the Oral Exam is:  $175.00 (In-state residents) and $300.00 (Out-of-state resdients)

Note:  For purposes of the oral exam, an interpreter is considered "in-state" if he or she lives in the state of Nebraska, or within 50 miles of the Nebraska border and intends on interpreting for the Nebraska Judicial Branch.


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