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Using the Qualifications Checklist

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The qualifications checklist is designed for use before, during, and after interviewing the candidates for a judicial vacancy. The guidelines attempt to identify the characteristics which predict successful judicial performance. The identified traits are not mutually exclusive and cannot be wholly separated from one another. The criteria given are not intended to constitute a definitive list; rather, the function of these guidelines is to present minimum qualities which a candidate must possess. Some of the criteria are mandated by Nebraska statute, while others have been developed through the American Bar Association.

Under each criterion there is a list of questions and references to the application and personal data sheet. You are not expected to ask all the questions under a criterion, or to ask them directly. Rather, you should be able to answer them on your own with the help of the interview. The references to the personal data sheet and the application for judicial vacancy are meant to be used in conjunction with the checklist to develop questions, help answer questions, and provide additional information.


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