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In re Guardianship of Neuman

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

A-11-0913, In re Guardianship of Neuman


Adams County, County Court Judge Robert A. Ide


Attorney for Appellant:  Thomas G. Lieske (Lieske Law Firm)


Attorney for Appellee:  Timory Naples (Deputy County Attorney)


Probate Action:  Temporary Guardianship


Action Taken by Trial Court: The trial court found that Wyoming was the proper jurisdiction for the proceedings and dismissed the case. The trial court also ordered reminbursement for attorney fees to be paid from the juvenile’s representative-payee account.  


Assignments of  Error on Appeal: The Neumans assign that the county court erred by extending the temporary guardianship of Matthew beyond the statutory limit of six months set forth in Neb. Rev. Stat. § 30-2611(3)(c) (Reissue 2008) and by ordering that attorney fees for Matthew’s guardian ad litem and the reimbursement of attorney fees paid by Adams County be reimbursed from Matthew’s representative-payee account.


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