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In re Estate of Evans

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A-12-0527, In re Estate of Donald J. Evans; Ted L. Evans (Appellant) v. Mary C. Evans and Steven P. Vinton (Successor Personal Representative)


Lincoln County, County Judge Michael E. Piccolo


Attorney for Appellant:  Christopher S. Bartling (Bartling & Hinkle, P.C.)


Attorney for Appellee (Mary C. Evans):  Kent E. Florom (Lindemeier, Gillett & Dawson)


Attorney for Appellee (Steven P. Vinton):  Steven P. Vinton (Bacon & Vinton, L.L.C.)


Civil Action:  Probate


Action Taken by Trial Court:  The Lincoln County Court entered an order removing two co-personal representatives, and it appointed an attorney as successor personal representative.


Assignments of Error on Appeal:  Ted Evans assigns that the trial court erred in (1) determining that the estate passes to the next of kin in equal degree; (2) removing Ted as personal representative; and (3) appointing a successor personal representative who does not have priority for appointment.

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