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Distinguished Judge Awards

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The “Distinguished Judge for Improvement of the Judicial System” and “Distinguished Judge for Service to the Community” awards were established to publicly recognize members of the judiciary for meritorious projects and exemplary accomplishments that enhance the vision of justice within our communities.

These awards are designed to recognize any type of project or activity that has a positive impact on the administration of justice, that is effective in addressing public needs and enhancing public trust and confidence in the justice system, and that will benefit present and future users of the Nebraska court system.

  • Service to the Community is for a judge who has distinguished  himself or herself through performance of service to the community on a volunteer or professional level. Nomination Form.
  • Improvement of the Judicial System is given to a judge who has distinguished himself or herself through contributions to the improvement of the judicial system; service as a trial judge; or promotion of  judicial efficiency.  Nomination Form.

Nominations are currently being accepted through August 15, 2015.

Previous winners of the “Distinguished Judge for Improvement of the Judicial System” include:

  • 2013: Hon. Paul D. Merritt, Jr., District Judge, 3rd Judicial District

  • 2012: Hon. Anne M. Paine, County Judge, 11th Judicial District

  • 2011: Members of the Nebraska Court of Appeals

  • 2010: Hon. Everett O. Inbody, Court of Appeals Chief Judge, 5th Appellate Court Judicial District

  • 2009: Hon. Michael L. Offner, County Judge, 10th Judicial District

  • 2008: Hon. Patrick G. Rogers, District Judge Madison County, 7th Judicial District

  • 2007: Hon. Curtis L. Maschman, County Judge Richardson County, 1st Judicial District; and Hon. Patrick R. McDermott, County Judge Colfax County, 5th Judicial District

  • 2006: Hon. John Gerrard, Supreme Court Justice, 3rd Appellate Court Judicial District

  • 2005: Hon. Bernard J. McGinn, District Judge, Lancaster County, 3rd Judicial District

  • 2004: Hon. Steven Timm, Gage County Judge

  • 2003: Hon. John Icenogle, Buffalo County District Judge

  • 2002: Hon. Karen B. Flowers, Lancaster County District Judge

  • 2001: Hon. Alan L. Brodbeck, Holt County Judge

  • 2000: Hon. F. A. Gossett, Dodge County District Judge

  • 1999: Hon. Robert O. Hippe, Scotts Bluff County District Judge


Previous winners of the “Distinguished Judge for Service to the Community” are: 

  • 2013: Hon. Donna F. Taylor, County Judge, 7th Judicial District

  • 2012: Hon. Laureen K. Van Norman, Workers’ Compensation Court Judge

  • 2011: Hon. Susan M. Bazis, County Judge, 4th Judicial District

  • 2010: Hon. James E. Doyle, IV, District Judge, 11th Judicial District

  • 2009: Hon. Robert C. Wester, County Judge, 2nd Judicial District

  • 2008: Hon. Paul W. Korslund, District Judge , Gage County, 1st Judicial District

  • 2007: Hon. Todd J. Hutton, County Judge Sarpy County, 2nd Judicial District

  • 2006: Hon. Lawrence D. Gendler, Separate Juvenile Court Judge, Sarpy County, 2nd Judicial District

  • 2005: Hon. Richard D. Sievers, Court of Appeals Judge, 1st Appellate Court Judicial District; and Hon. Teresa K. Luther, District Judge Hall County, 9th Judicial District

  • 2004: Hon. Linda Porter, Lancaster County Separate Juvenile Court Judge

  • 2003: Hon. Wadie Thomas, Douglas County Separate Juvenile Court Judge

  • 2002: Hon. William B. Cassel, Brown County District Judge, and

  • Hon. Robert R. Steinke, Platte County District Judge

  • 2001: Hon. Douglas F. Johnson, Douglas County Separate Juvenile Court Judge

  • 2000: Hon. Donald E. Rowlands, Lincoln County District Judge

  • 1999: Hon. James M. Murphy, who retired from Douglas County District Court


Summary of past award winners


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