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Presiding Judges for County Courts have been named in all judicial districts for 2013

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Monday, January 28, 2013
1stCurtis Maschman (also served 2012) 
2ndJohn Steinheider (also served 2012) 
3rdLaurie Yardley (also served 2012) 
4thSusan Bazis (also served 2012) 
5thLinda Caster SenffPress Release
6thKenneth Vampola (also served 2012) 
7thRoss Stoffer           Press Release
8thJames Orr (also served 2012) 
9thArthur Wetzel     Press Release
10thMichael Burns        Press Release
11thMichael Piccolo (also served 2012) 
12thKris Mickey (also served in 2012) 


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