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Do I need to retake my mediation training?

“I had completed mediation training a while back and have not been actively mediating since the training; do I need to retake my mediation training?”


Answer: The State Court Administrator’s Policy for Approval of Parenting Act Mediators provides helpful guidance, and can be located here
Section II, A, 1 of the Policy discusses the required training. “To be eligible for approval as a Parenting Act mediator, a person shall have successfully completed Basic Mediation Training and Family Mediation Training, approved by ODR.” 
The policy continues to discuss the other factors that affect the approval of an application. Section II, A, 4 of the Policy states: “To ensure that applicants for approval as Parenting Act mediators are well qualified, those individuals who have successfully completed approved required trainings may need to retake the trainings, or make other accommodations as determined by ODR, in order to be eligible for approval as a Parenting Act mediator if the training is more than five years old and the mediator is not current in continuing mediator education or has not been actively mediating. Other accommodations may include successful completion of continuing mediator education, apprenticing in parenting plan cases with supervisory mediators, or other relevant actions.”
Training itself and recency of mediation trainings are just two of the essential elements of the application process to become a Parenting Act mediator. It would be helpful to review the entire approval application to have a full understanding of what is considered for approval.  


This page was last modified on Wednesday, April 17, 2013