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Unethical Mediator; What Can I Do?

“I recently participated in the mediation process and felt that the mediator acted unethically during the process; what can I do?”

Answer: The Office of Dispute Resolution has implemented a process to address these issues. These Options regarding complaints against Parenting Act mediators can help a party to the mediation process discuss or report any lack of adherence to the Ethics which Parenting Act mediators are held. 

It is important as a party to a Parenting Act mediation to determine if the mediator is on the approved list as the Office of Dispute Resolution is unable to discipline those mediators who have not been approved. A good reminder for any party to a Parenting Act mediation session would be to ask your mediator, "Are you Approved through the Office of Dispute Resolution to mediate Parenting Act cases."

This page was last modified on Wednesday, September 21, 2016