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Gridiron Management Group, LLC v. Travelers Indemnity Company

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Friday, September 6, 2013

S-12-1129, Gridiron Management Group, LLC, (Appellant) v. Travelers Indemnity Co.

Lancaster County, Hon. Karen Flowers

Attorneys:  Michael J. Mullen (Burns Law Firm) (Appellant); Justin High and CeCelia C. Ibson

Civil:  Administrative Procedure Act – Review of Department of Insurance Order

Proceedings below:     District court affirmed the order of the Department of Insurance in which it determined that Gridiron Management Group, LLC, was a successor entity to Omaha Beef, LLC, and that it should therefore take on the experience rating of Omaha Beef, LLC, for purposes of calculating its workers’ compensation insurance premium.

Issues: Whether district court erred when it concluded that 1) Gridiron was a successor to Omaha Beef, 2) Omaha Beef’s workers compensation experience modification rating should be transferred to Gridiron, and 3) Gridiron had the burden of proof.



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