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Coffin v. Hinrichs

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

S-12-1160, Kenneth C. Coffin [appellant] v. Lacie J. Hinrichs

Madison County, Honorable Robert B. Ensz

Attorneys: Kathleen Koenig Rockey (Copple, Rockey, McKeever & Schlecht) for appellant; Mark A. Keenan for appellee

Civil: Paternity/termination of parental rights

Proceedings below: District court denied father’s complaint for paternity/visitation and granted mother’s cross-complaint for termination of father’s parental rights

Issues: Did the district court abuse its discretion in 1) finding the minor child was abandoned by the father, 2) determining the father’s parental rights should be terminated, or 3) finding it was in the best interests of the minor child that the father’s parental rights be terminated?

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