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Butler County School District 12-0502 v. Freeholder Petition of Jansa

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

S-13-0123, Butler County School District 12-0502, a/k/a East Butler Public School District, a political subdivision of the State of Nebraska (Appellant) v. Freeholders Petitions 1-10: Fern Jansa, Linda L. Semrad, Joyce A. Kucera and William F. Semrad; Roland and Adelyne Koranda and Janet Koranda; Lawrence J. Mach and Margaret A. Mach and Marvin V. Woita and Adelyne Woita; Darwin L. Vermeline and Sharon J. Mermeline, Co-Trustees; Mark A. and Julia A. Urban, Raymond Urban, Jr. and Ruby A. Urban; Leon W. Vermeline and Patty A. Vermeline; Eugene T. Kros and Millie Kros, Donald R. Kros; Fred D. and Kathleen A. Vrana and Ben W. Vrana; Donald L. and Norma Veskrna, Michael R. Veskrna; Wayne E. Vermeline and Marian Vermeline (Appellees)

Saunders County, Judge Mary C. Gilbride

Attorneys: Rex R. Schultze, Derek A. Aldridge (Perry Guthery Haase & Gessford PC LLO) (Appellant) --- Maureen Freeman-Caddy (Bromm Lindahl Freeman-Caddy & Lausterer) (Appellees)

Civil: Freeholder Board; Approval of transfer of certain tracts of land from Saunders County School District 78-104, a/k/a Prague Public Schools to Saunders County School District 78-039, a/k/a Wahoo Public Schools pursuant to Neb. Rev. Stat. § 79-458 (Reissue 2008).

Proceedings below: This case was previously before the Supreme Court. See Butler County School District 12-0502 v. Freeholder Petitions 1-10, 283 Neb. 903 (2012) (reversed and remanded for further proceedings. Upon remand, the district court found the action of the Freeholders Board in granting the petitions was supported by the evidence and the order of the Freeholder Board was affirmed.

Issues: The district court erred in (1) not adopting and applying the “prior jurisdiction” rule; (2) finding that the Saunders County Freeholders Board had jurisdiction to hear the Appellees’ freeholder cases.

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