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Carey v. City of Hastings

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

S-13-0110, Mike Carey and Becky Carey (Appellees) v. City of Hastings (Appellant)

Adams County, Judge Stephen R. Illingworth

Attorneys:  Michael O. Mead, Special City Attorney, of Whelan, Scherr, Glen & Mead (Appellant) — Arthur R. Langvardt of Langvardt, Valle & James (Appellees)

Civil: building permit

Proceedings Below: The district court reversed the decision of the City of Hastings Board of Appeals, which had affirmed the decision of Hastings Development Services that the seal of an architect was required for the Careys to receive a building permit.

Issues: Appellant alleges that the district court erred in (1) concluding that the Board of Appeals acted outside of its jurisdiction in dismissing the Careys’ appeal, (2) concluding that there was insufficient evidence to dismiss the Careys’ appeal, and (3) ordering the City of Hastings to issue a building permit to the Careys.



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