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Visoso v. Cargill Meat Solultions

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

S-13-0454, Odilon Visoso (Appellant) v. Cargill Meat Solutions

Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Court, Judge Daniel R. Fridrich

Attorneys: Ryan Holsten and Leslie Stryker (Senior Certified Law Student) (Atwood Holsten Brown & Deaver PCLLO) (for Appellant) --- Caroline M. Westerhold, Jenny L. Panko (Baylor Evnen Curtiss Grimit & Witt LLP)

Civil: Determination of benefits; permanent disability and loss of earning capacity

Proceedings below: This case was previously before the Supreme Court. See Visoso v. Cargill Meat Solutions, 285 Neb. 272 (2013) (affirmed in part and in part, reversed and remanded for further proceedings). Upon remand, the trial court found a 45% loss of earning power in the Schuyler, Nebraska labor market.

Issues: (1) The trial court clearly erred when it failed to allow the parties to present evidence regarding the Schulyer, Nebraska hub market. 2. The trial court erred in finding the opinions of vocational rehabilitation counselor Karen Stricklett were never rebutted.



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