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O'Siochain v. Nebraska State Bar Association

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

S-13-0539, Mark R. O’Siochan (Appellant) v. Nebraska State Bar Association

Nebraska State Bar Commission

Attorneys: Stephanie Caldwell and Spencer Shucard (Senior Certified Law Clerk) (Attorney General’s Office for the Nebraska State Bar Commission) --- Robert C. Guinan (for Appellant)

Civil: Denial of admission on motion to the Nebraska Bar Association as a Class I-A applicant pursuant to Neb. Ct. R.§ 3-105(A)(1).

Issues: l) The Commission erred in finding that law school courses such as civil procedure, family law and trusts and estates were deemed minimally necessary to be a properly trained attorney. 2) The Commission erred in not recommending to the Nebraska Supreme Court waiver of the educational requirements under Rule 3-105(C). 3) The Commission erred in concluding that Mr. O'Siochain did not affirmatively show that his education, considered as a whole, is the functional equivalent to the education provided at schools approved by the American Bar Association. 4) The Commission erred in overruling Mr. O'Siochain's Motion for Reconsideration. 5) The Commission erred in not granting Mr. O'Siochain's Application for Admission to the Nebraska Bar.

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