Judicial Vacancy Application Package

Judicial Vacancy Application Package

Important:  Please Read First

  • "Fill-in" forms can be completed and printed from your computer.
  • Signatures must be handwritten.
  • Choose “save as” to save a PDF version to your hard drive.
  • If you have trouble, make sure you have the most recent version of Acrobat Reader.

Instructions to the Applicant 

Qualifications and requirements for a judicial position; instructions for completing the application; summary of the nomination process.

Application for Judicial Vacancy

Complete to apply for a judicial vacancy. Required as part of the judicial application process. This application shall be available to the public and shall be preserved by the State Court Administrator for not less than 10 years.

Personal Data Sheet 

Information about the applicant which is confidential communication between the Judicial Nominating Commission, the applicant, and the Governor. Required as part of the judicial application process.

Nebraska Revised Code of Judicial Conduct

Neb. Ct. R. § 1-601. Application process.