Administrative Policies & Schedules

Administrative Policies & Schedules


Court Fines / Fee Rates

Court Reporting Personnel Per-Page Fee Schedule                                                                                                                                                                                                  January 2022

Judgment Interest Rate April 2023
Filing Fees and Court Costs

July 2022

Waiver Fine Schedule (Uniform County Court Rules, Appendix 3) - PDF January 2022


Court Records

Court Records Search Policy for Nebraska Courts March, 2014
Media Information and Court Coverage Protocol March, 2017
Records Retention Disposition Schedules August, 2018
Temporary Appointment of County Judges Policy February, 2009
Form Letter for Records Retention  


Domestic Abuse

Nebraska Domestic Abuse Protection Order Policy October, 2008


Office of Public Guardian

Pilot: OPG Waiting List Process March, 2018


Parenting Act

Approval of Parenting Act Mediators November, 2009
Parenting Act Fund Policy June, 2008
Parenting Education Approval Under the Nebraska Parenting Act (2007) November, 2007