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Public Orders Imposed Against Nebraska Attorneys

These are public orders imposed against Nebraska attorneys starting on January 1, 1986. As are all PDF documents, you will need the free-to-download Adobe Reader to view them. These are for viewing only, and we guarantee no warranty on them.

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Name Month / Yearsort descending Supreme Court Opinion # Action Taken Case #
Smith, Stephen L. Mar 2014 287 Neb. 755 S-07-397
Sundvold, Thomas Glenn Apr 2014 287 Neb. 818 S-13-002
Nich, David Lawrence Jr. May 2014 S-09-000593
Pivovar, Gregory A. May 2014 288 Neb. 186 S-12-1165
Simon, Nick Anthony Jun 2014 288 Neb. 385 S-13-1149, S-12-498
Edwards, John Blake Aug 2014 288 Neb. 854 S-12-609
Council, Brenda J Sep 2014 289 Neb.33 S-13-379
Prettyman, Keith A. Sep 2014 289 Neb.120 S-14-462
Meyer, Robert John Sep 2014 S-14-0227
Thebarge, Lenny W. Jr. Oct 2014 289 Neb.356 S-13-1001, S-14-128
E., Connor James Dec 2014 289 Neb.660 S-13-963
Connor, James E. Dec 2014 289 Neb.660 S-13-963
Mingus, Daniel O. Jan 2015 289 Neb. 862 S-12-1044
White, Douglas D. Jan 2015 289 Neb. 925 S-14-089
Holcomb, David C. Feb 2015 290 Neb. 164 S-14-692