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Public Orders Imposed Against Nebraska Attorneys

These are public orders imposed against Nebraska attorneys starting on January 1, 1986. As are all PDF documents, you will need the free-to-download Adobe Reader to view them. These are for viewing only, and we guarantee no warranty on them.

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Namesort descending Month / Year Supreme Court Opinion # Action Taken Case #
Wintroub, Edward L. Dec 2002 S-02-1336
Wintroub, Edward L. Apr 2004 267 Neb. 872
Wintroub, Edward L. Apr 2005 S-03-452
Wintroub, Edward L. Jul 2011 281 Neb. 957
Woodard, Lincoln J. Mar 1994 S-94-171
Woodard, Lincoln J. Dec 1995 249 Neb. 40
Worthman, Jon P. Sep 2004 268 Neb. 665
Wright, Phillip G. Apr 2010 S-07-000119
Wright, Phillip G. May 2009 277 Neb. 709
Yoesel, Willis G. Feb 2009 277 Neb. 179
Young, David James Jan 2013 285 Neb. 31 S-11-968
Young, David James Dec 2011 S-11-968
Zakrzewski, Thomas R. Mar 1997 252 Neb. 40
Zendejas, Eduouardo Jan 2008 274 Neb. 829
Zendejas, Eduouardo May 2010 S-06-000269