Application for Admission by Examination

Application for Admission by Examination

Beginning January 2018, applicants will be able to complete an application through an online portal and submit documents and payment online.  Please check back soon for the link to the application.

Please continue to use the NCBE paper application for the February 2018 bar exam.  Because the online application will not be available until January, you will not have the ability to begin the online application during the current application period.  

Do not begin an application for the July 2018 exam using the NCBE application.  Please note that the online application will only be available during specific time periods for the February & July bar exams (i.e. January 2nd through March 31st for the July bar exam; September 1st through November 30th for the February bar exam.)  

Please continue to use the NCBE paper application until the new online application is launched.  Once the online application website is launched, we will cease use of the NCBE paper application and begin exclusively using the online application.

Please read the ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS FOR THE PRACTICE OF LAW  before completing and submitting an application.

Until further notice, all applicants must apply using the Nebraska application located on the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE) website:  Once you have completed your application on the NCBE website, you must print it out and submit the application, all supplementary documents and payment by mail to: 

Nebraska State Bar Commission of the Nebraska Supreme Court
3806 Normal Boulevard
Lincoln, NE 68506

Payment may be made by cashier's check or money order. No firm checks or personal checks will be accepted.  Applications will not be processed until full payment has been received. 

References provided by applicants are essential to the character and fitness investigation. Applicants will facilitate the processing of their application by providing correct email addresses in the contact information for all references.

Fingerprints are required of all applicants. In some cases, fingerprint agencies will scan and submit fingerprints electronically and it is not necessary for the applicant to submit fingerprint cards. When the agency does not submit fingerprints electronically, the applicant must return two cards by mail or in person to the Nebraska State Bar Commission.  All biodata required on the fingerprint cards must be completed by the applicant for processing.  Failure to complete the information may cause several weeks delay in processing.  Applicants may request blank fingerprint cards by emailing Complete fingerprint cards may be mailed or hand delivered to:

Nebraska State Bar Commission of the Nebraska Supreme Court
3806 Normal Blvd.
Lincoln, Nebraska 68506-5241

Supplements to the Application
Applicants may be required to complete supplemental forms and/or provide supplementary documentation in response to some items on the application. These forms and documents are indicated within the application. Documents required of all first-time applicants for admission by examination are:

In addition to the required documents listed above, applicants are required to provide an MPRE score of 85 or above before the application deadline to avoid paying a $100 fee.

Deadlines and Fees
An application is deemed filed when it is received by the director.  Additionally, an application is not complete until all required releases, notarized and other supplementary forms and documents are received. To avoid paying a late fee the application must be completed and received before November 1 (for the February exam) or on or before March 1 (for the July exam). If the deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, the deadline is extended to the first business day following the weekend/holiday.

If you have any questions regarding the filing of your application, please contact Attorney Admissions at (402) 471-3092 or

PLEASE NOTE: Individuals with non-ADA qualifying health related conditions (e.g. breastfeeding, diabetes, pregnancy, mobility impairments etc.) may request a non-ADA administrative accommodation. The request may be made in the form of a letter.  The request must state the health condition and the specific accommodations desired. Medical documentation verifying the condition is required.  The request should be submitted with the application for the bar exam, no later than the filing deadline. Requests are granted on a case by case basis. Non-emergency requests that are not made on or before the filing deadline will be denied.