Deadlines and Fees

Deadlines and Fees


  File no earlier than File, without penalty, no later than
July Exam January 2 March 1
February Exam September 1 November 1


The application is filed when it is received by the Director of Admissions, a postmark date does not determine the filing date. Applicants who fail the February exam and wish to apply for the next immediate exam in July are given a deadline of 30 days following the date of the release of the February exam results.

Fees: All fees payable to "Nebraska State Bar Commission" unless otherwise indicated.

First-time Exam Application $490
First-time Exam Application without a passing MPRE Score (passing score is 85 or higher) $590
First-time Exam Re-take Application for the IMMEDIATE NEXT EXAM ONLY $225
All other Exam Re-take Applications $490
All other Exam Re-take Applications without a passing MPRE Score (passing score is 85 or higher) $590
Late fee for Exam Applications $150

Late fee for Exam Applications $150

July Exam:

Applications received March 2nd through March 31st will be accepted w/ late fee.
Applications received April 1st or later will NOT be accepted.

February Exam:
Applications received November 2nd through December 1st will be accepted w/ late fee.
Applications received December 2nd or later will NOT be accepted. 

Laptop Fee (paid directly to software provider / fee subject to change) $150
Hand score fee $50
On Motion Application (All Types) $925
Certified or non-certified copy of application (go to Rules & Forms page for the request form) $20