Bodnar v. Bodnar

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Bodnar v. Bodnar

Case Number
Call Date
March 2, 2017
Court Number
Case Summary

S-16-0052, Victoria L. Bodnar v. Gerald A. Bodnar (appellant)

Douglas County District Court, Judge Shelly R. Stratman

Attorneys: Kyle C. Allen -- Brent M. Kuhn (Appellant)

Civil: Marital dissolution.

Proceedings below: The court dissolved the marriage. In the decree, the court awarded alimony to Victoria, awarded her the full amount of her retirement benefits because they were not subject to a QDRO, and ordered her to make equalization payments to Gerald.

Issues: Whether the court erred in (1) ordering Gerald to pay Victoria $1,000 per month in alimony for 6 years, (2) failing to give Gerald his share of Victoria's retirement benefits, and (3) dividing the marital estate in an inequitable manner.