Cadwallader Appointed Deputy CIO for Nebraska Judicial Branch

Cadwallader Appointed Deputy CIO for Nebraska Judicial Branch

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

The Nebraska Judicial Branch is pleased to announce the appointment of Jeff Cadwallader as the Deputy Chief Information Officer (Deputy CIO), effective May 1, 2023. In his new position, Cadwallader will play a pivotal role in advancing the ongoing transformation of the Judicial Branch's Information Technology (IT) operations and infrastructure.

With over two decades in public service within the IT field, Cadwallader brings a wealth of experience to his new position. Prior to joining the Judicial Branch, he served in the US Marine Corps and most recently held a leadership role at the State of Nebraska Office of the Chief Information Officer, overseeing the Executive Branch infrastructure team.

As the Deputy CIO, Cadwallader will be responsible to implement the strategic goals and objectives for information technology and network systems across the Nebraska Judicial Branch. This encompasses providing comprehensive technological support to the Branch, as well as driving the development of innovative court and probation case management systems. Notably, his efforts will focus on enhancing key services, such as eFiling for courts, ePayment for services and fees, online calendars, and court case information searches.

Cadwallader's extensive expertise and commitment to public service will contribute significantly to the advancement of IT operations and the overall efficiency of the state's judicial system. With his appointment, the Branch looks forward to further leveraging technology to improve accessibility, streamline processes, and enhance the overall experience for court users and stakeholders.